Mirror neurons are a relatively recent discovery in the field of brain science. The idea is that when you observe an action performed by another person, even if you’re sitting still, the very same neurons in your brain fire that are firing in the person actually experiencing the action. One of the top scientists pioneering these discoveries in how the brain works, refers to mirror neurons as the “empathy” neurons.

Say you’re watching basketball on T.V., your favorite player sinks a game winning three pointer at the buzzer, and you feel good, just like the player who hit the shot. According to significant research, you are connected to him or her through mirror neurons. Now take this into improv and the whole idea of agreement, team building, trust, active choices, all those elements come together in a whole new way. That connection to the other players – it’s not something you need to create — it’s already there. In your brain. Just go with it. When you’re improvising, remember – you’re already connected. It’s an exciting theory, isn’t it?