Improv is the art of practicing many skills all at once, and on the fly. Every time we go on stage, we’re acting, writing, directing, editing. And doing all that not to serve our own egos, but at the service of the team and the piece we’re all creating together.

In his book “To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others,” Daniel Pink talks about our living in a world of increasingly “flat” organizations – workplaces where fewer people are doing more tasks. Our world is one that “punishes fixed skills and prizes plastic ones.” And improv’s #1 take away, learning to say “yes, and…” is both a product of and a pre-requisite for a fluid and flexible mindset.

We live in a world where, more than ever, the “yes, and…” mentality keeps us in the game. As improvisers, we nurture the skills to weave together seemingly unconnected threads. We recycle ideas. We incorporate. And in the necessity to connect things, we become more diverse thinkers and doers. It’s challenging and it’s fun. We cheerfully and playfully welcome wearing many hats.