L4C at China Central Television (CCTV)

(Comedy Mentor Ed Greenberg)

L4C’s Executive Director lectured and ran workshops at China Central Television in Beijing. In addition to a daylong Power Point presentation about Improv’s impact on American Comedy, L4C conducted a theater games workshop with actors, writers, and directors working at CCTV’s comedy division. The dialogue focused on how to use cross-cultural comedy techniques to entertain and positively impact CCTV’s one and a half billion viewers.


Connected Through Play – U.K.

(Comedy Mentor Ed Greenberg)

At the D-Media Digital Conference, 2011, issues of human contact in a digital world were discussed and debated through lectures, presentations, and panels. Laughter for a Change brought its performance-based perspective to the proceedings with an improvisation workshop to illustrate, in a participatory, experiential way, how laughter and play serve as tools for keeping communication open and empathic in the digital age.

“Laughter for a Change’s presentation and workshop helped us join the dots between digital technology and human communication and creativity – and reminded us how important it is to have fun!”

Gina Fegan
Chief Executive, D Media
Screen & Digital Media Specialist at UK Trade & Investment


Comedy in Rwanda

(Comedy Mentor Ed Greenberg)

Begun in 2007, this ongoing initiative continues to mentor young actors and filmmakers in Rwanda.  Since our initial trip to this beautiful country, the students of the “Comedy in Rwanda” workshops have created films rwanda11and comedy programs for Rwanda T.V. and radio.  In Rwanda, films are taken into the countryside and shown in remote villages to the delight of local community members.

“Ed led us through simple, fun exercises and helped us to experience how comedy is more than just trying to be funny.  Comedy takes listening, honesty, openness and trust of all the actors in the room.  These are skills that serve all of us not only as artists but as citizens of Rwanda.  Our final show was successful beyond what I had imagined.”

Eric Kabera
Chairman & Founder
Kwetu Film Institute



[email protected] – A DOSE OF FUNNY

CHLA at 3.45.31 PM

(Lead Comedy Mentor Ernie Gonzalez, Jr.)

Teams of Laughter For A Change improvisers perform improv games for patients, their parents, and staff at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. These interactive shows invite the audience to choose the games they want to see, and to participate as much as they would like. It’s never the same show twice — but it’s always funny!

FIST BUMP! The Anti-Bullying Improv Show

Screen Shot Fist Bump! at 3.45.31 PM

(Comedy Mentor Ed Greenberg & Ruth Silveira)

Seniors at NOW (New Open World) Academy at Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools create and perform improv sketches and engage middle-schoolers in theater games to open dialogue about bullying in school. This initiative is a collaboration with Laughter For A Change, NOW Academy at RFK Community Schools and RFK-LA (Legacy in Action).

PLAY! (Participatory Learning And You!)

(Comedy Mentor Ed Greenberg)

Laughter for a Change is collaborating on PLAY! (Participatory Learning And You) with Project New Media Literacies at USC’s Annenberg School for Communications, Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools, and RFK-LA Media Lab. High School students and educators play improvisational theater games to develop skills in teamwork, leadership, problem solving, collaboration, brainstorming, and communications. Then students go on to create videos, animation and live performance as a means of exploring new ways to make learning enjoyable and relevant to their lives.

KYCC Middle School Improv Jam


(Comedy Mentors Ruth Silveira & Patrick Ian Moore)

Laughter For A Change joins the Korean Youth & Community Center to offer an eight-week improv intensive to local Koreatown middle school students from culturally diverse backgrounds. The session will culminate with a live show at the end of the program.

Video Produced by KYCC Staff

“Better Health Through Laughter”

(Comedy Mentor David Chung)

Laughter for a Change, in collaboration with the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Mental Health Division, presents an ongoing weekly workshop using comedy and laughter techniques with Veterans in the VA’s Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center “School for Better Living” program.

“I have been fortunate to witness firsthand… the outpouring of creativity that the games, exercises and improvisation techniques can elicit, via laughter and imagination, and their transformative effect upon each veteran involved.”

Carl Najman, SWA
West Los Angeles VA Medical Center

L4C at Ascencia: Lifting People Out of Homelessness

Representing L4C, students from the Spring, 2012 Improv Class at Pasadena Community College led improv workshops for residents at Ascencia: Lifting People Out of Homelessness, in Glendale, CA. The program included a student produced show featuring up-and-coming comedians.

“The work your group has done has been restorative and liberating. This experience has reaffirmed for me the conviction that theater is a powerful instrument for human development.”

Jerome Nillsen
Director of Residential Programs
Ascencia: Lifting People Out of Homelessness

“Performing History”

(Directed and choreographed by Rebecca Sage Allen, Kerri-Anne Lavin & Piper Gillin)

L4C is collaborating on the “Performing History” Project.  Created by 5th grade teacher Jeff Lantos, “Performing History” takes history lessons “off the page and on the stage.” 5th graders learn American history by performing musicals about seminal historical events. It’s a fun and challenging way to learn. The pilot production is “Miracle in Philadelphia” – a musical about the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

“The Funny Class”

logo_main(Comedy Mentors Keong Sim & Patrick Ian Moore)

This Laughter for a Change Improv Comedy mentoring initiative is a collaboration with Pacific Lodge Boys’ Home.  Fifteen to seventeen year old boys receiving treatment for psychological, emotional or behavioral problems, are taking steps toward more productive lives. As part of their treatment, they learn how to use improv and comedy to tell their stories.

“I can’t begin to tell you how amazing your class was.  It may just be another day of teaching improv for you, but for us, it was very magical. Every time I step in a commons area, I’m assaulted with ‘Yo, when we doing that funny class again?”

Dan McCollister
Activities Coordinator
Pacific Lodge Boys School

Extended Israeli Exchange Program

Laughter for a Change Improv runs workshops as part of an exchange program between 20 Israeli teens and 20 students of the New Community Jewish High School in Calabasas, California.  The workshops help to facilitate cross-cultural community building.