L4C at China Central Television (CCTV)

(Comedy Mentor Ed Greenberg)

L4C’s Executive Director lectured and ran workshops at China Central Television in Beijing. In addition to a daylong Power Point presentation about Improv’s impact on American Comedy, L4C conducted a theater games workshop with actors, writers, and directors working at CCTV’s comedy division. The dialogue focused on how to use cross-cultural comedy techniques to entertain and positively impact CCTV’s one and a half billion viewers.

Connected Through Play – U.K.

(Comedy Mentor Ed Greenberg)

At the D-Media Digital Conference, 2011, issues of human contact in a digital world were discussed and debated through lectures, presentations, and panels. Laughter for a Change brought its performance-based perspective to the proceedings with an improvisation workshop to illustrate, in a participatory, experiential way, how laughter and play serve as tools for keeping communication open and empathic in the digital age.

“Laughter for a Change’s presentation and workshop helped us join the dots between digital technology and human communication and creativity – and reminded us how important it is to have fun!”

Gina Fegan
Chief Executive, D Media
Screen & Digital Media Specialist at UK Trade & Investment

Comedy in Rwanda

(Comedy Mentor Ed Greenberg)

Begun in 2007, this ongoing initiative continues to mentor young actors and filmmakers in Rwanda.  Since our initial trip to this beautiful country, the students of the “Comedy in Rwanda” workshops have created films rwanda11and comedy programs for Rwanda T.V. and radio.  In Rwanda, films are taken into the countryside and shown in remote villages to the delight of local community members.

“Ed led us through simple, fun exercises and helped us to experience how comedy is more than just trying to be funny.  Comedy takes listening, honesty, openness and trust of all the actors in the room.  These are skills that serve all of us not only as artists but as citizens of Rwanda.  Our final show was successful beyond what I had imagined.”

Eric Kabera
Chairman & Founder
Kwetu Film Institute